• 2-Ways-Fibre-Optics-Make-you-Greener
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    2 Ways Fibre Optics Make you Greener

    Historically, cable companies have used coaxial cables to provide services for homes and businesses. Coaxial cable is also called copper cable. There is a newer technology that is being increasingly used by most major service providers. This newer technology is known as fibre-optic networks. Light 2015 helps you understand the big impact fibre optics have had in pushing the sustainable development agendas and treatiesforward. We have narrowed it down to the most outstanding ways in which fibre optics have proven to be superior, in terms of sustainability. Lowers Energy Consumption Rates There is a significant difference between the amount of energy needed to send signals through copper wires and to…

  • 3-Tech-Companies-Using-Renewable-Energy-You-Have-to-Know
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    3 Tech Companies Using Renewable Energy You Have to Know

    Since technology is such an important part of modern living, you likely have one or more items produced by these big corporations. At Light 2015 we are here to tell you that you might be greener than you know, as the tech products you love to use, are made to be eco-friendly. Dell This computing giant has embraced renewable energy and seen fit to invest in it without shying away, as they have included solar panels and wind power in their energy sources. Although it still has a long way to go before turning completely sustainable, the steps Dell has taken towards making sure their manufacturing processes are sustainable are…

  • Sustainable-Businesses-5-Ideas-for-the-Modern-Entrepreneur
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    Sustainable Businesses – 5 Ideas for the Modern Entrepreneur

    For all modern entrepreneurs wishing to establish themselves in today’s highly competitive markets adopting sustainable processes can offer a valuable head-start. If you want to set yourself up for success in a sustainable business area, Light 2015 brings you a series of ideas you might find useful and inspiring. Environmental Support Online Given the fact that sustainable development is on the rise and trending, you will benefit from having an online platform dedicated to this topic. Having online businesses like these provides you with the opportunity to spread the knowledge and set an example, as these are green forms of communication. Bring your Packaging to Shops and Stores The issue…