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3 Tech Companies Using Renewable Energy You Have to Know

Since technology is such an important part of modern living, you likely have one or more items produced by these big corporations. At Light 2015 we are here to tell you that you might be greener than you know, as the tech products you love to use, are made to be eco-friendly.


This computing giant has embraced renewable energy and seen fit to invest in it without shying away, as they have included solar panels and wind power in their energy sources.

Although it still has a long way to go before turning completely sustainable, the steps Dell has taken towards making sure their manufacturing processes are sustainable are evident.

3 Tech Companies Using Renewable Energy You Have to Know microsoft - 3 Tech Companies Using Renewable Energy You Have to Know


If you want to find a more widely used green company than Microsoft you will have a hard time, as its carbon print is practically non-existent.

They have managed to use mostly solar and wind energy sources in all their processes, from software development to product manufacturing.  A truly wholesome green giant.


As another tech giant, this corporation has taken its avocation towards green energyvery seriously. Although they use over 734,000,000 energy unites a year, all of it is produced using sustainable sources.

Google’s gigantic data centres are fuelled by green energy, which is more reliable than more contaminant electricity sources.

Choosing the products and services provided by these big tech corporations contributes to shrinking your carbon print, but it also encourages others to find ways to go greener.

At Light 2015 we understand the importance of consumer’s feedback to the corporations they choose, as we know this is the most fool proof mechanism to fuel sustainable development.