About the Blog

About the Blog - About the BlogLight 2015 is a blog dedicated to raising awareness on the positive impact of fibre optics in all efforts for living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life.

Although we understand that it is important to understand these things, it is nothing without spreading the knowledge to encourage more people to join our efforts.

Light 2015 was born from the need of including as many people as possible in the task of making technology greener. Although it all started with our founder Elizabeth Brennan, her motivations resonated with some of her friends and it became a team job to put this blog together.

As a team, we keep educating ourselves in new ways to use fibre optics and its advantages to make the world a greener and better place. If we hit a wall, we also have some experts we go to clarify any doubts we or our readers might have.

Posting accurate and easy to understand information is paramount to us, as this ensures the message is well received.

Although this is just a blog, each team member has a sense of responsibility and commitment to making it work and keeping it updated regularly. We focus on subjects that our readers or friends have suggested to us, building on our interactions to make sure we include every bit of useful information required.

Encouraging the pursuit and expansion of sustainable development is an endeavour we all feel is never overestimated, but our readers keep reaffirming this belief. Each day dozens of new readers come to our blog looking for ways to be greener and find the best posts here because we strive to stay on top of recent advancements.

If you want to learn more about fibre optics and the boon it’s given everybody wishing to be more sustainable, you should always keep an eye out for new posts at Light 2015.

Although there is no shortage of new ideas between us, you can always let us know about any new topics you wish to read about, through our email address in our Stay in Touch page.